Social Bowls

All members  should visit this page regularly. We will keep you updated on:

Weekly updates of results of Ladies, Men’s and Mixed/Open Social Bowls

Notices of up coming social bowls that are outside our normal social calendar.

Weekly Bowls Activities

Please assist us by following a few simple rules:

  1. Team or single entries to be in by 12.00pm (noon)
  2. Green fees paid by 12.30pm ($10-00)
  3. Be in the Clubhouse at 12.45pm for announcements and calling of the cards
  4. If after nominating, circumstances prevent you from playing, you must notify the Games Organisers as soon as possible so that adjustments to the draw can be made
  5. Communicate with your team members and ensure that each team is nominated only once

Thanks heaps :). Your assistance in these matters will help ensure everything commences on time.

Weekly Events

SUPER SUNDAY:Mixed/Open triples – last Sunday of the month. The next game will be 19th DECEMBER,2021
Three (3) sets of 7 ends, playing order changes every set with each player playing 7 ends as a lea,second and skip. Come along and enjoy a fun afternoon of bowls;

SUNDAY 12TH December: Christmas Cheer day. Mised Triples. Start time is 1-00 pm. A really grear afternoofd for our bowlers. Prizes Hams and Prawns

Monday: Mixed/Open Turkey pairs. 2 games x 11 ends. 

Ladies Social Bowls 

 Men’s Pairs – 2nd Thursday of the month is “Money Day” –  up to $500 in prizes
Unless otherwise stated in the Club Calendar, all social games start at 1.00pm.


Weekly Bowls Results & News

As from 1st June, 2022, bowls games will commence at 12-30 pm instead of the usual 1-00 pm start. Please arrive by 12 md to play;
Until further notice, both Monday and Wednesday games will be open/mixed Turkey Pairs.
Mondays sheet is now full and Wednesday needs two more teams to fill it.
After the current Monday jackpot  is won, the jackpot will be divided equally between both playing days.
All members who play these days will be entered into the draw for hams on the break up day.Naturally,players would be expected to contribute to the sin bin and/orraffle on those days. Russell and Trevor do a wonderful job running Monday Tyrkey pairs, but I invite other members to come forward to assist on Wednesday as a co-ordinator or a helper on the till or raffle. Pleas give this some thought.

As from Thursday the 30th June, men will play triples on Thursday. This will stay in place until the end of August.

Anyone with ideas, suggestions, criticisms or helpful advice can use the suggestion box in the bowls Office or approach any member of the men’s bowls committee. We are always looking for ways to make things better at our Club and this way we can see if there are any areas we need to look at or change.

NEW CLUB OPENING DAY 2nd JULY 12.30pm start
Open /Men/Ladies/mixed triples;
This day has been dedicated to support the 3 Bargara members who will be attending the Commonwealth Games in Mid July.Jake and Grant Fehlberg representing Australia and Connie Rixon representing Malta. All 3 players have have represented Bargara this year in the the Wide Bay Challenge and /or the State mixed eighths. All have been great assests to our Club and we hope members will give their support to this day. All proceeeds from the day, including the raffle, will help them to offset some of their expenses. Get a team together or nominate individually. All members and visitors are invited.

PRESIDENTS DAY BARGARA 3rd July. 12.30 pm start

Cody Fehlberg won first round against G.Stanley ICM
Tony Townsen Def Cody Fehlberg in this event final

TURKEY PAIRS 20th June, 2022
Winners ;B.Munis and D. Handley; Runners up; R.Henness and D.Ivins  2nd Runners up;J. Hale and G.Hutchinson;Winners of first Game; R.Murdaca and G.Cahill; Winners of second game; K.Aanensen and M.Richardson

WEDNESDAY 22nd June, 2022. TURKEY PAIRS: Winners: L.Rogerson and C.Hippisley; Runners up;j.Barnes and E.Salvemini: 2nd runners up; J.Emery and D.Jankovic Winners of first game: P and D.Jackman; Winners of second game; C.McNeilly and T.Heath.

THURSDAY 23rd June 2022; Mens Pairs: Winners Jim See, C.Watt and G.Gallagher; 2nd Runners up ; G.Pearce, K.Hammond and J.Jardine ;  3rd runners up L.Harding and D.Ivins ; Sportsmen; R.Hoiberg and D.Williams; J.Kearney, R.Campbell and P.Sexton; R.Hawkins, A.Neilsen and A.Almond.


From the Aistralian Championships on the Gold Coast. Jake Fehlberg and his bowling partner won the Australian Open vision impaired  Pairs Title. Fay Clarke won the over 60’s  Ladies pairs also.


A nomination sheet will be posted shortly. The Bundaberg Club was very good to Bargara when we were getting our new varpet greens put in and this day is to show our appreciation to Bundaberg Bowls Club.

SUPER SUNDAY: 26th JUNE 122-30pm start time
Winners D. and B. McCarthy and D.Brady; R.Tonkin, T.Carroll and D.Ivins; J.Christodoulou, R.Rusell and R.Price; K and A. AQlmond and W.Faulkner;Sportsman Pinky, J.Jardine; P.Knapman and A.Baigire and K.Hiley; B and C. Hippisley; M and R.Baker and M.Baigire

Being double vaxxed is no longer a requirement at the Club.Several members have tested positive to Covid recently. If you are feeling sick please be tested.



Social Games To Put In Your Diary

The overall winners on the day were:
Richard Monk, Richard Harvey and Bill McCarthy

Helen Foster, Sue Jardine and John Jardine

3rd Place Winners:
Jack Hale, Rocky Murdaca and Viv Sauer:


Social Bowls Monthly Events

          MEN’S  MONEY DAY – 2nd Thursday each month

  • Prize Money: 70% of Green Fees up to a total of $500
  • Winners and Runners up, (depending on the number of nominations)
  • Sportsman prizes


  • 3 sets of (7) ends.
    Each player to takes turns at Skip, 2nd and lead
    Each Bargara bowl member to receive a free ticket in the raffle for a set of bowls
    Start time is 1-00 pm
    Single entries are most welcome


  • TWLIGHT BOWLS – Sundays, other than the last Sunday of the Month
  • Two games of 3 bowl pairs, mixed or otherwise (9 ends)
    Start times 4-30 pm till 6-45 pm.
    Winners play winners and losers play losers. Prizes are depentant on the number of bowlers entered,


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